Morbius rotten tomatoes

morbius rotten tomatoes

Is Morbius rotten or rotten?

So while it wasn’t surprising at all that the studio’s latest entry in the ever-expanding Spidey-adjacent-verse, Morbius, ultimately landed Rotten on the Tomatometer, few likely could have predicted exactly how Rotten it would be.

What is your review of Morbius?

[Full review in Spanish] Lifeless... Daniel Espinosa and his crew capably provide a rough and grungy Manhattan for Michael Morbius to hunt in. Morbius is a remarkable monster movie, powered by the brotherly love experienced by Michael and Lucian/Milo.

Who is Michael Morbius in the fate of the Furious?

Method actor extraordinaire Jared Leto (Suicide Squad) plays Dr. Michael Morbius who is suffering from a rare disease and finds a solution via a serum mixing vampire bat DNA but it has some consequences.

Is the Tomatometer wrong about Morbius?

As it happens, both Naz and Coy believe the Tomatometer is very wrong about Morbius; Coy had a genuinely great time watching the film, even if the post-credits scene brings it down a notch, and Naz thought it was a perfectly fine movie that utilized Jared Leto well, and definitely not an “I need my money back”/walk-out-of-the-theater Rotten film.

Who is Michael Morbius in Marvel Comics?

Michael Morbius is a scientist who has a rare blood disease. When he tries to cure himself, he winds up obtaining superhuman abilities and he’s likened to a vampire because of his thirst for blood.

Is Morbius getting his own movie?

Jared Leto’s ‘Morbius’ is joining the ranks of Sony’s gallery of Spider-Man villains with their own movie. Welcome to the big screen Jared Leto’s Morbius, the latest Spider-Man villain (or more accurately in this context anti-hero) that will receive his very own standalone movie.

How did Michael Morbius turn into a vampire?

Michael Morbius begins as a brilliant scientist, but he suffers from a rare blood disease. In an attempt to find a cure, vampire bat DNA is mixed into his blood, transforming him into a pseudo-vampire with a lust for blood.

Is Morbius a villain or hero?

Originally, Morbius was a villain for both Spider-Man and Blade, but he eventually became a vigilante who strives to satisfy his need to consume blood by stalking bad guys.

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