Smiley tokyo revengers

smiley tokyo revengers

Who is Smiley in Tokyo Manji gang?

Kawata Nahoya?) or Smiley (スマイリー, Sumairī?) is the Fourth Division Captain of Tokyo Manji Gang. He is the older twin brother of Souta Kawata.

What kind of character is Smiley?

Smiley is shown to be protective of his younger twin brother Souya Kawata and never wants him to cry. He enjoys a good fight and a strong opponent. He is extremely hard to read when fighting because of the constant grin on his face.

Does smiley like Manjiro Sano?

Smiley is loyal to his friends but his strongest loyalty lands with his brother. He has a lot of respect for Manjiro Sano, as shown when he gets angry after thinking that Takemichi Hanagaki was disrespecting him. Smiley is the current Fourth Division Captain of Tokyo Manji Gang.

What happened to Smiley from Toman?

Smiley is recognized as one of Tomans most formidable fighters. During the battle between Toman and Tenjiku, Shion Madarame noted that Toman was easy to defeat due to the absence of the gangs strongest members, one of which was Smiley who was struck with a steel pipe and eventually hospitalized hours before the fight.

Who is Smiley in Tokyo Manji?

Smiley is the current Fourth Division Captain of Tokyo Manji Gang. Prior to his allegiance to Mikey, he was the leader of the Twin Devils Gang with Angry. Smiley is recognized as one of Tomans most formidable fighters.

What does Manji mean in Tokyo Revengers?

The Manji Symbol in Tokyo Revengers Being short for Tokyo Manji Gang, Toman uses the manji symbol constantly: on their uniforms, on their bikes, and the fact that their meetings are held at a shrine.

What is the Tokyo Manji gang?

The Tokyo Manji Gang was under the leadership of Manjiro Sano, a very strong individual who created several gangs that conquered Tokyo across numerous timelines. Its members, especially the captains and vice-captains of each division, were also powerful and had abilities that made them worthy of their title.

What happened to the Twin Devils in Tokyo Manji?

The Twin Devils Gang often had run-ins with Kanji Mochizuki’s gang called Jugem which operated in Kawasaki. The Twin Devils Gang would be disbanded and both Smiley and Angry would serve under the Tokyo Manji Gang as the 4th Division Captain and Vice-captain respectively.

Who is Manjiro Sano from Tokyo Revengers?

No, we’re talking about the ever-popular Manjiro “Mikey” Sano, president of the Tokyo Manji Gang (or Toman for short)! Pull your hair back, loosen that jacket, and rev those engines — we’re here to take a closer look at the curious case of Mikey from Tokyo Revengers, and find out just what makes him tick!

Can hanagaki defeat Manjiro Sano (Mikey)?

Hanagaki mentioned to them that his only goal was to beat Manjiro Sano (Mikey) when asked to join a gang. The Unmatched Kawaragi Senju is the boss of Brahman. A very likely strong character whom Hanagaki could use to defeat Mikey and save him.

What does Manjiro look like as a child?

As a child, Manjiro is a small boy with a set of pitch-black eye pupils and long, slightly wavy, dyed blonde hair tied on top of his head sideways. He is mostly seen wearing a white long sweatshirt that is underneath the signature Toman outfit, consisting of a baggy jacket, pants, and beige boots.

Why is Tokyo Manji so famous?

There’s a complexity about him that solidifies his legendary status both inside and outside the Tokyo Revengers universe. In front of his loved ones, he’s free-spirited and juvenile. But to the Tokyo Manji Gang, he’s the boss: an incredibly charismatic leader who instills fear and commands respect at the same time.

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