Is Rimowa a good brand?

Best known for its iconic aluminum suitcases, the brand also offers lightweight polycarbonate versions, functional bags, and packing accessories for happy, easy travels. With an impressive following of 490k on Instagram and 178k on Facebook, Rimowa has commanded a lot of attention for its stylish, but still functional, travel essentials.

What is a Rimowa suitcase?

Rimowa redefines the travel experience with its smart suitcases. Featuring TSA-approved locks, flex dividers, its trademarked multiwheel system, and a telescopic handle, you can confidently travel knowing your belongings are safe, secure, and easy to transport.

How do I return a Rimowa product?

To start a return, you’ll need to access your Rimowa account and start the process there. If approved, you will receive a prepaid shipping label that you will attach to the outside of your return package.

How much does a Rimowa trunk cost?

With a classic shape inspired by the company’s original trunks, this Rimowa sports trunk marries a vintage design with futuristic functionalities. The Original Trunk is available in three colors for $1,660 apiece. Perhaps Rimow’s most unique design yet, the Essential Trunk makes travel a little easier.

Is Rimowa a good luggage brand?

Rimowa is a high end luggage brand which, akin to Tumi, uses high end materials and luggage components, has a number of useful and acclaimed features and takes quite a lot of hard use without any issue whatsoever.

Why are Rimowa so expensive?

This the main reason Why Rimowa are so expensive but it worth it: As we always initiate our reviews about the products, the brand image plays a significant role in the product price and value. Big brands tend to price always high. Rimowa is a big brand and it has more weight in the luxury luggage industry.

Which is better Rimowa or Samsonite?

Samsonite pieces sit at a mid-range price and are generally durable. However, regarding style, maneuverability, and craftsmanship Rimowa is in the lead by a long shot. Rimowa is known as one of the premium luggage brands on the market and is a celebrity favorite.

Is the RIMOWA hybrid cabin the best choice for You?

While many travelers claim the Hybrid cabin are the best choice for passengers that travel a lot and who like to travel with carry on only. The Rimowa Hybrid Cabin is the most poplar suitcase it starts at $850, followed by the original cabin with a price of $1.150 and the classic cabin that starts at $1,900.

What is Rimowa’s return policy?

What is RIMOWA’s return policy? Except where indicated for certain special promotions, you are entitled to return all products within 30 days of receiving the merchandise for full reimbursement or exchange, provided the merchandise is complete, unused and undamaged.

Can I purchase Rimowa unique through pick up in store?

Please be advised that RIMOWA Unique cannot be purchased through the Pick Up in Store option. To purchase, please choose the delivery option at checkout or ask our store advisors for further information. What is the return policy?

What if I encounter a problem with Rimowa products?

Should you encounter a problem, visit any one of our RIMOWA stores or contact us online at RIMOWA.co m. What is the RIMOWA Personals guarantee policy?

How do I cancel my order with Rimowa?

If you would like to cancel your order for any reason, please contact the store directly, as indicated on your order confirmation email. Alternatively, please reach out to our Client Care team by by phone on +1-312-635-6607, email on contact_us@rimowa.com, or by filling out this contact form.

Is Rimowa Worth It? Good luggage is integral to a seamless trip, which is why Rimowa offers durable, hard-wearing travel essentials. Best known for its iconic aluminum suitcases, the brand also offers lightweight polycarbonate versions, functional bags, and packing accessories for happy, easy travels.

How much does the RIMOWA cabin plus cost?

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