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caixas atm

Why choose CaixaBank’s ATMs?

Both the furnishings and the lay-out of the work areas are aimed at facilitating personal contact between customers and employees of CaixaBank. CaixaBank is making a great effort to give all the operations of its ATMs the highest degree of accessibility.

How does CaixaBank respond to the challenges of accessibility?

The social commitment of CaixaBank in questions of accessibility can be seen in several environments: branches, ATMs and Internet. Welfare Projects also supports the values that good accessibility defines. At CaixaBank branches the idea of “ zero level ” is applied.

What is a Bitcoin ATM and how does it work?

Bitcoin ATMs are one of the easiest and quickest ways to buy and sell bitcoins. There are many services and locations apart from bitcoin ATMs which provide exchange of bitcoins for cash and vice versa. You can send cash-to-cash payments to your relatives or friends in other countries by using two bitcoin ATMs.

What are the welfare projects of CaixaBank?

Through its Welfare Projects, CaixaBank, characterised by its strong social commitment and a vocation of public service and work in favour of the general interest, undertakes social, educational, cultural, scientific and environmental activities.

Why has CaixaBank launched a new service for ATMs?

The launch of this new service for ATMs falls within the objectives of the CaixaBank 2019-2021 Strategic Plan, where innovative projects play a key role. According to Gonzalo Gortázar, CaixaBank CEO, technological leadership helps us to provide a better service to our customers, in a closer, more specialised way.

How is CaixaBank using biometrics in ATMs?

With the launch of facial recognition in ATMs, CaixaBank is strengthening its commitment to biometrics as a technology that facilitates customer access to the companys service, in a simpler, more convenient way.

What is CaixaBank doing to improve customer experience?

Furthermore, CaixaBank involved customers in the project development and design of the technological solution, carried out with agile and design thinking methodologies. Any CaixaBank customer can now use facial recognition to withdraw cash in ATMs that use this technology.

What is caixacaixabanks technology?

CaixaBank has developed this project with the collaboration of its technological partners, Fujitsu and FacePhi. More than 16,000 security points. The system is groundbreaking on a global level, as it allows users to withdraw money from an ATM by simply recognising them from the image captured by the terminals camera.

How do Bitcoin ATMs work?

At the base, Bitcoin ATMs connect users to a cryptocurrency exchange, which allows them to perform a buy or sell order. In some cases, some ATM operators pre-load their cryptocurrency holdings and sell it to end-users. If you want to sell Bitcoin on a Bitcoin ATM, a verification text message is sent to the user’s phone, this used on the machine.

Can you buy Bitcoin with cash at ATM?

Summary: All Bitcoin ATMs allow you to use cash to buy Bitcoin and send it to a Bitcoin wallet of your choosing. Many of these kiosks also allow you to sell Bitcoin and receive cash. You can also insert cash and have it sent to someone else’s Bitcoin wallet, or account.

Why choose a Coinsource ATM?

Enjoy transparent fees and accurate prices at all Coinsource locations! Coinsource is the world leader in Bitcoin ATMs. With a focus on compliance and ease of use, Coinsource is aiming to bring Bitcoin to the masses. Follow for blogs about Bitcoin, finance, company updates and Bitcoin ATM information!

What types of Bitcoin ATM machines are available?

Lamassu machines are open-source and support Bitcoin, Zcash, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Dash. You can add additional coins manually if needed. Lamassu has four different Bitcoin ATM models:

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