The weeknd dawn fm

the weeknd dawn fm

What is The Weeknd’s new album Dawn FM?

Is There Someone Else? Lyrics Dawn FM is The Weeknd’s fifth studio album, released on January 7, 2022. As stated by The Weeknd himself, the album is a direct sequel to his fourth studio album After Hours which had been released almost two years prior.

What songs does The Weeknd have remixed?

The Weeknd - 103.5 DAWN FM The Weeknd - Sacrifice (Remix) ft. Swedish House Mafia (Alternate World) The Weeknd - Take My Breath (Remix) ft. Agents of Time The Weeknd - Gasoline (Official Music Video)

Who designed the cover of The Weeknd’s Dawn FM?

For record collectors, the album release includes two collector’s-edition covers for Dawn FM ’s CD and vinyl editions designed by artist Robert Beatty. The Weeknd, real name Abel Tesfaye, welcomed Dawn FM Thursday night by hosting a Twitch livestream with Amazon Music.

Is Jim Carrey on the cover of Dawn FM?

BFF and neighbor Jim Carrey is featured on the album and was “thrilled to play a part in his symphony.” For record collectors, the album release includes two collector’s-edition covers for Dawn FM ’s CD and vinyl editions designed by artist Robert Beatty.

Whos on The Weeknds new albumDawn FM?

Titled Dawn FM, the album features contributions from Jim Carrey (yes, that Jim Carrey) Calvin Harris, Tyler, the Creator, Lil Wayne, Quincy Jones, Oneohtrix Point Never, Swedish House Mafia, Max Martin, and Uncut Gems co-director Josh Safdie. The singer teased the album last week, and it follows The Weeknds 2020 album After Hours.

What is The Weeknd’s new radio station called?

“Dawn FM” The Weeknd recruits actor-turned-friend Carrey to control 103.5 Dawn FM and encourage listeners to sit back, relax and embrace their fate with his silver-tongued intro in a format reminiscent of Vince Staples’ radio station takeover (hosted by L.A. radio personality Big Boy) on his 2018 album FM!

What is the meaning of the album Dawn FM?

The concept behind the album’s name stems from a radio station called 103.5 Dawn FM which is featured in the title track Dawn FM. The whole 16-track album is like a listening experience on a radio station narrated by Jim Carrey.

Who are The Weeknd’s co-producers on ‘the weekend’?

Per the trailer, the album’s collaborators include the Weeknd’s neighbor Jim Carrey; Quincy Jones; Tyler, the Creator; Lil Wayne; and After Hours producer Oneohtrix Point Never.

What are The Weeknd’s Dawn FM album covers?

Elsewhere, the official Weeknd webstore has listed two alternate Dawn FM album covers, named the Collector’s 01 and Collor’s 02 editions. Those versions, which feature artwork from Robert Beatty, will be available in both CD and vinyl formats.

What does The Weeknd’s new album artwork look like?

The artwork, which The Weeknd shared to Instagram, sees the Toronto-based artist as an older version of himself, complete with wrinkles, grey hair and a solemn expression on his face. The Weeknd’s aged-up persona, which previously appeared in the minute-long trailer for the forthcoming project, appears to be the artist’s key identity on the album.

Who is The Weeknd’s new album ‘Sacrifice’ about?

The Weeknd’s new album features guest appearances from Jim Carrey, Quincy Jones, Lil Wayne and Tyler, the Creator. Then on “Sacrifice,” he offers some pandemic comfort — and catharsis — on the dance floor: “I hold you through the toughest parts when you feel like it’s the end/’Cause life is still worth living.”

Does the Weeknd’s ‘Dawn FM’ have a less than zero reference?

But The Weeknd picks up the pace again at the end with the deceptively buoyant “Less Than Zero” — an ’80s movie reference to go along with its sound — which will have you doing your best Molly Ringwald shimmy. It’s all enough to make you forgive him for closing “Dawn FM” with more mumbo jumbo from his pal Carrey.

So why does Carrey appear on Dawn FM? Presumably to heighten the atmosphere and theme that The Weeknd is trying to create on his new album. The cover art for Dawn FM features The Weeknd as an old man, so the nihilistic voiceovers by Carrey imply the album is to be listened to as if its the end of a life.

Does Jim Carrey sing on The Weeknd songs?

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